The Center for Art, Culture and Social Empowerment “Kallitechneio” is a place of engagement in the
cultural and social field which helps local communities to connect and gather together. It raises
awareness about cultural sensitivity and community development through numerous ways including
through its seminars, workshops, projects, educational and training programs of cultural and social
Kallitechneio is a social enterprise based in Athens, registered in the Social Economy General Registry of
the Ministry of Hellenic Ministry of Labour, Social Insurance and Social Solidarity. Its main aim is to act
for the collective and social benefit, through research, raising awareness, educate and developing
national, European and global networks of cooperation on issues related to:
● Culture and artistic activities
● Local employment development and restoring working relationships in the area of arts and
● therapeutic methods through innovative actions and artistic approaches;
● Skills development and peer-to-peer learning through social engagement;
● Cultural and social sensitivity and social empowerement.

The history of “Kallitechneio” goes back in 1994, when started operating as a voluntary organisation
under the initiative of Priest Marcellos Campanis, and a vibrant “Artistic Café of Acharnes” was created
as a meeting and communication hub for local community. Through the years it has managed to evolve
as a vehicle of expression for the local community. The milestone in its history was 2010 when was
named as the “Community of Volunteers – Kallitechneio of Acharnes”and has succeeded in instilling the
concept of volunteering in young people and engage them into the sense of the Arts, Culture, Social
Solidarity and Education. Creating in such a way new artistic groups, seminars, environmental and
European programs, tutorials, cultural activities and collaborations with schools and other organisations.
Since 2018, the “Kallitechneio” as the “Center for Art, Culture and Social Empowerment”has maintained
the same philosophy and continues its purpose.

“To be able to choose, one must first be given the choice”

The Center for Art, Culture and Social Empowerment is approved and registered under the Social
Economy General Registry of the Ministry of Hellenic Ministry of Labour, Social Insurance and Social
Solidarity as operates as a Social Cooperative Enterprise.

The Center for Art, Culture and Social Empowerment “Kallitechneio” is comprised by a wide team of
collaborators and volunteers active in the scientific, cultural and artistic life such as professional and
amateur actors, musicians, photographers, painters and other artists which contribute to the
educational programmes and activities of artistic and cultural nature. In addition, Kallitechneio’s team is                                                                          comprised by a broad team of experts and social scientists such as psychologists, social workers, speech
therapists, social and political researchers, who contribute to its scientific production and expression in
a range of activities.

Its purpose is to cultivate an interactive relationship between young artists, social scientistics, local
community, people belonging to disadvantaged groups and to create a vibrant hub that encourages
creativity and social engagement that will ultimately transform contemporary art and culture into a
continuous social process. In order to achieve that Kallitechneio has the following objectives:

● to contribute to cultural and artistic development and primary multidisciplinary research in
humanities and social sciences;
● to raise awareness through social events, workshops, conferences, symposiums and other
scientific and social activities and festivals;
● to foster innovation through digital applications focusing on social education, social networking,
the use of arts and expressive education for people with disabilities and young people with
integration problems;
● to provide educational courses and skills development to vulnerable groups, including NEETs,
disable people etc;
● to promote local employment development;
● to foster employment and restoring working relationships in the area of arts and culture;
● to provide therapeutic methods covering personal and family needs through its interdisciplinary
team of experts;
● to empower voluntarism in the local community and to enhance skills development and peer-to-
peer learning through social engagement following ECVET and best-practices in European level;
● to aim on the development of international, European, national and regional co-operation
networks between public, business and third sector actors, with particular emphasis on local
development initiatives and artistic production, pedagogical and educational initiatives, culture,
arts and innovative research on issues of scientific, educational and medical applications of art;
● to introduce know-how in the management of co-financed programs of social entrepreneurship
and solidarity economy.

The Center for Art, Culture and Social Empowerment “Kallitechneio” has developed networks with a
number of social organisations such as NGOs, social enterprises, schools, foundations as well as
universities, public and private enterprises and municipalities. Since its creation, Kallitecheio has
collaborated with many organisations in developing joint events, festivals, social and educational
projects and has designed and implemented research in local and European-funded actions.


Kallitechnio is located at 16 Athanasiou Cheliou Street in Acharnes.

The multipurpose space is 210 sq.m. closed rooms.

It includes a small theater room, a specially designed children’s playroom, workshops and a lovely backyard full of vegetation, ideal for hosting summer activities.